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The main features and scope of use of high-speed punch presses.

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High-speed punches usually use high-grade, high-strength cast iron and undergo stress relief tempering and natural aging treatment, which ensures a small deformation coefficient, high rigidity, and stable precision. Generally speaking, high-speed punches are suitable for stamping products with thin thickness and high precision; If the stamping accuracy is not high but the thickness is relatively thin, using a high-speed punch machine can greatly improve production efficiency. High-speed punching machines are widely used in the stamping processing of small precision parts such as precision electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, automotive parts, and motor stators and rotors.
Scope of use:
1. Motor stator and rotor
Motor stator Motor rotor
2. Connectors
Multi-hole connection plug, transistor socket, USB interface iron piece, metal contact piece, pin, etc.
3. Terminal
Tubular terminal, straight plug terminal, female terminal, S terminal, closed terminal, nipple terminal, video terminal, TV terminal, digital camera terminal, computer connector terminal, hard disk data connector terminal, automobile connector terminal, I/O connector terminal, etc.
4. Connector
Printer connector, mobile phone connector, etc.
5. Metal sheets
Metal spring piece, metal piece on the battery, silicon steel piece, reed, shaped reed, contact piece, switch piece, etc.
6. Stamping parts
Precision electronic materials are rolled and thin hardware products, etc.
7. Parts and components
Components of communication equipment, automobile parts, watch metal accessories, digital product metal accessories, LED parts, etc.
8. Others
Pin headers, hollow rivets, washers, gaskets, elastic contacts, heat sinks, battery holders, etc.