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Sharing tips on purchasing high-speed precision punches.

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As the technology of high-speed precision punch machines becomes increasingly, there are more and more brands of high-speed precision punch machines on the market, which brings great trouble to customers when purchasing. As a professional manufacturer of high-speed precision punch machines, Dofu Machinery recommends that customers consider the following aspects when purchasing high-speed punch machines.
The point is, the inspection of accuracy
High-speed punch machines are precision punch machines, which are suitable for stamping processing of small precision parts. Therefore, it is particularly important to examine the accuracy of high-speed punch machines. We recommend that customers choose high-speed punch machines whose accuracy meets JIS special-grade standards and whose accuracy range is within 0.02mm.
Second point, check of core configuration
The core configuration of a high-speed punch machine directly determines its performance, lifespan, and failure rate. Therefore, the core configuration is also an important indicator for measuring the quality of a high-speed punch machine.
The third point is, the lubrication system inspection
Because the high-speed punch machine has a high stroke (speed) per minute, it has high requirements for the lubrication system. Only high-speed punch machines that adopt a forced lubrication system and have a lubrication abnormality detection function can effectively reduce the probability of punch machine failure due to lubrication.
The fourth point, bottom dead center detection, and performance testing
We recommend that customers choose products that have undergone strict dynamic bottom dead center testing before leaving the factory and have undergone at least 500,000 continuous high-speed performance tests under the three conditions of "temperature rise constant speed", "constant temperature rise constant speed" and "temperature rise acceleration" High-speed punch.
Fifth point, safety protection measures
Safety protection measures include a sudden power outage, incorrect operation, overload, emergency stop button, etc.
Point 6: Inspection of technical services and after-sales services
It is necessary to conduct a strict inspection of the high-speed punch press manufacturer's policies and systems regarding installation and commissioning, operation training, warranty, consumables, wearing parts, and technical guidance.