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Zhejiang Defu Machinery Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd. is located in the Economic Development Zone of Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province, known as the "Hometown of Fluorite and the City of Hot Springs". The company has an investment of 300 million yuan and covers an area of 100 acres. It is the company in southwest Zhejiang with 120 It is an equipment manufacturing enterprise with the capacity of ton crane equipment. The company currently has more than ten large-scale domestic brand CNC processing equipment, including floor-standing CNC boring and milling machines with processing capacities of 100 tons, 80 tons, and 60 tons, a floor-standing pentahedral CNC gantry machining center with a span of 4.5 meters and a processing length of 12 meters, and a diameter 5 meters vertical CNC lathes and other precision processing equipment, with an equipment investment of nearly 200 million yuan. It is a large-scale professional precision punch equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service.
The company mainly produces various types of hydraulic presses, various four-column and gantry hydraulic presses with dozens of specifications, hundreds of varieties of hydraulic and forging equipment, as well as open, closed, single-point, double-point, and four-point precision punching equipment and products. It is suitable for many industries and fields such as automobiles, aerospace, nuclear power, ships, home appliances, communications, etc. The company's products have always been recognized by domestic and foreign customers for their exquisite design, reasonable prices, quality, fast after-sales service, and technical support. They are sold well in more than 30 domestic provinces, cities, and districts, and are exported to the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. , the Middle East, Africa, and other regions and dozens of countries. The company pays attention to scientific and technological progress and has built a technology center that is suitable for its development. It has a scientific research team of dozens of people with reasonable structure, completely professional and rich experience, and strong independent research and development capabilities.
In the future, the company will continue to improve the product advantages of traditional hydraulic equipment, seize the opportunity of the country's vigorous development of the equipment manufacturing industry, actively implement the talent development strategy, increase investment in science and technology, focus on product research and development, innovation, and strive to build the company into an internationally renowned equipment manufacturing enterprise. The company adheres to the traditional concept of "customer" and adheres to the business purposes of quality, service, efficiency, enthusiasm, and responsibility, and strives to make every partner identify with and support Defu!

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Focus on product research and development, innovation, and strive to build the company into an internationally renowned equipment manufacturing enterprise.

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